Finally setting up the new PC

ImageYesterday I finally started getting the new Dell Inspiron desktop configured.  It has been sitting on the floor of my office for over a year. What’s amazing is the old one still works – slowly, but it works.

Here are some specs on the old system:

Dell Inspiron Desktop, 1.7 GHz processor, 80GB Maxtor hard drive, 512MB of RAM memory, Windows 2000 operating system.  Bought it back in about 2002 when we lived in Holland.

Now, the new system:

Dell Inspiron Desktop, Dual-core Pentium 3.26 GHz processor, 500 GB Western Digital hard drive, 4GB of RAM memory and Windows 7 operating system.

I certainly got my money’s worth from the old box.  I’m especially impressed with the fact that the Maxtor hard drive hasn’t failed yet.  And since I’ve never taken the cover off the old box, my guess is there is plenty of dust in there providing some nice insulation to keep the thermal values high.  <grin>  Hats off to the folks who built the Maxtor 6L080L4 drive.  It’s part of their DiamondMax Plus series. 

I’m really familiar with Windows XP, having worked with it for so long, and Windows 7 is gonna be a bit of a learning curve for me.  I cannot stand change.  <grin>





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