Funerals From Hell


A good article from Craig Parton, found at Modern Reformation.


Celebrations and the Loss of Sadness

If we are anything, we are a culture of entertainment and denial that has sanitized dying and death and put it in a world hopefully far, far away. Sadness, if prolonged or of a disturbing depth, is to be diagnosed and medicated. Even sadness that might, God forbid, lead to repentance.

And entertainment is the mother’s milk from which today’s evangelical celebrations gladly feed. We want our funerals to mirror our church services and our church services to mirror our virtual lives–fun, interesting, enlightening, moving, and upbeat. Whether it is faithful to Christ and his Word is, well, nice if you can actually pull that off and stay cool, but it is not obligatory. If your religious life is fun, interesting, enlightening, moving, and upbeat, then it is clearly faithful to Christ and his Word.

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