China Isn’t Trying to Wipe Out Christianity


This is an interesting piece on the world’s most populous country.  I found this quote from the article interesting:

As long as they do not get involved in politics, they will be left alone.

It sounds to me like China and the United States are moving in opposite directions – growing liberty for Christians in communist China and a decline of the same in “Christian” America.  Perhaps God simply likes His return on investment better in China right now.  <grin>  If America’s fantastic growth as an industrial/technological leader in the world can be
directly tied to Christianity in America during the 20th century, perhaps we only need to look at China’s recent ascent regarding things military and industrial to see where God is presently doing a big work.  The Holy Spirit isn’t that simple to figure out.  You can’t look Him up on Google Earth or anything, that’s for sure.  But look at America’s relative decline
compared with Chinese growth.  Look at the state of the church in America and look what people are willing to endure for Christ in China.  You pull Starbucks out of an American church lobby and people will pack their bags and go elsewhere.

What the governing authorities do in China is done by the culture here in the United States.  Fortunately, the culture doesn’t run re-education through labor camps. <grin>  I believe culture is more powerful than any government.  Culture is what the Chinese authorities fear the most and someday they will lose their ability to control it.  That day will certainly be interesting.  Pray it happens over time and not suddenly. 

No sane country should ever fear Christianity.  Ah, but the Chinese communists aren’t sane now, are they?  Neither is Hollywood or Madison Avenue.



China Isn’t Trying to Wipe Out Christianity

Editor’s note: Last week we ran a wire story about a new report from ChinaAid, the Texas-based human rights group led by Bob Fu. The report claimed that incidents of government-sponsored persecution of Christians rose by 42 percent between 2011 and 2012. It also said that the Chinese government had launched a three-part plan to “completely wipe out house churches.” Here two other key voices on religious freedom in China respond to the ChinaAid report, countering some of its conclusions. We have offered Fu a chance to reply, and plan to run his response later this week.



The government wants to control the church. That has not changed. The chosen method is not the same. Severe persecution has been traded for cooperation with Christians, even with the house churches. As long as they do not get involved in politics, they will be left alone. Christians should be allowed to organize themselves and be politically active. No doubt. But one simply has to admit that the situation in China has improved over the years, despite recent reports to the contrary.

Do the Han Chinese Christians still need help? Yes. They need to learn how to function as a church in a freer country. They also need to learn to develop their own materials, rather than receiving everything for free from overseas. And last, but not least, they should not forget about persecuted Christians among the Chinese minorities and abroad. The Chinese church stood strong under severe persecution. Let it stand strong now, too.

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