John Kerry and 30 Million Locusts Descend Upon Egypt


From what I can gather from news reports, both plagues arrived in Egypt on Saturday.  <LOL>

I guess it’s a good thing Mr. Kerry didn’t arrive in Egypt empty-handed.  He brought with him a generous offering of $190 million in aid for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Man, that’s like giving money to the City of Detroit.  I’m sure the return-on-investment here will be simply awesome.  Look how well all the federal money dumped into Detroit over the past few decades has worked out.  Morsi is laughing all the way to the bank.  If you hand money to Coleman Young, Kwame Kilpatrick, or Mohammed Morsi, you’re never gonna see it again.  Neither will the people they govern.

He says Kerry didn’t ask them to change their minds, but that he promised to urge President Mohammed Morsi to allow free and fair elections.

“In the meantime, he was also very strong … that Egypt should start to rebuild its economy very soon,” el-Orabi says. “Otherwise, it will be a failed state, and this might give some … potential to real chaos in this country.”

Wow, John, that sounds vaguely familiar.  <LOL>  Your boss is working very diligently to create a failed state right here!  Perhaps some of that money could have gotten some of our aircraft carriers out of port and back on patrol.  Perhaps it could have kept several thousand illegal immigrants, all of them criminals, behind bars. 

This is interesting to me as our pastor preached this morning from Genesis 41.  It’s the story of Pharaoh’s dreams – 7 fat cows, 7 skinny cows, and 7 heads of healthy grain and 7 heads of thin and scorched grain.  These dreams represented 7 years of abundance followed by 7 years of famine in Egypt.  (The sermon was great by the way.  You can find it here, if you’re interested, under Sermons.  Should be up on the website in a few days with the title Dreams Come True.)

Perhaps Morsi and the brotherhood have a staff of magicians and wise men.  Maybe they’re scratching their heads saying, “This guy Kerry arrived at almost the exact time these locusts did.  What is this – scuttle diplomacy?  We should be wary of wise men from the West bearing gifts.”

$190 million to the Egyptians, $60 million to the Syrian opposition – pretty soon you’re talking about real money!

We’ll see if the locusts withdraw once Mr. Kerry does.  WAIT A MINUTE – those aren’t locusts, that’s the press corps.  <LOL> John will want plenty of cameras around should he have an opportunity to make it a Purple Heart hat-trick.  He served in Vietnam you know.

Plague of Locusts Hits Egypt,2506,L-4351644,00.html

Kerry arrives in Egypt seeking crucial reform

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