NKorea to provide “rockets red glare” for Tigers’ home opener!


The sequester has grounded the A-10 Thunderbolts from Selfridge, but NKorean leader
Kim Jung-un has graciously decided to provide some “rockets red glare” for all the fans
assembled at the old ballpark tomorrow.  <LOL>  Austin, Texas was initially targeted by
the rogue regime for some festivities, but when the North Koreans heard about the
plight of fans at Comerica Park, they graciously changed their rocket telemetry for
the Motor City.  <LOL>  Sing it with me now:  Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Kim Jung-un…

Thanks, Kim Jung-un, this Bud’s for you!  Bud Light needs to do one of those
“Real American Heroes” pieces in honor of the Supreme Leader.

Be careful if you go to the game.  Word on the street is that NKorea has also donated
some dogs, so that hot dog you buy might be more dog than you really want.  <grin>

What a joke.  Maybe Mike Ilitch could do a fly-by in his Gulfstream.  <LOL>

Comerica skies will be silent as flyover grounded for opening day

Sorry, Detroit Tigers home-opener loyalists, the federal sequester has killed a long tradition.

While someone is sure to recite fabled baseball broadcaster Ernie Harwell’s opening-day ode to turtles and spring from the Song of Solomon, there’ll be no A-10s blasting through the skies above Comerica Park before the game.

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