If 666 was 1984



If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a
human face – forever.    from George Orwell’s book 1984

The article below is very interesting.  It was written by Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero

I was listening to his show last night and a caller made a good point.  If the goal of all the surveillance we have been hearing about is to “protect us against terrorists”, and this stuff has been going on since 2001 and the advent of the Patriot Act, then how did that Boston Marathon thing happen?  Yeah, it’s kinda like finding the needle in the haystack, but when you completely own the haystack, it shouldn’t be all that hard.  Unless – “protecting us against terrorists” isn’t really what’s going on.  Perhaps Boston and Sandy Hook WERE known about ahead of time and were allowed to happen to instill more fear and further the agenda.  Perhaps.  We’ll never know because we do not have access to the workings of various secret courts in this country.

I read an article last night from Salon regarding the corporate/government destruction of privacy.  It’s fairly easy to tie Internet/telephony activity to an IP address.  What the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other 3-letter organizations (666?) are really desperate to do – and the Salon piece points this out – is to tie that IP address to a person.  Because folks like Google and Microsoft and Facebook do this so much better than the government, instead of doing their own work, they have simply been tapping into these corporate data mines via secret court orders.  I guess we cannot be too angry with Facebook or Google or Microsoft of Verizon because, from my understanding, they were ordered NOT to advise their customers of this breach of the Fourth Amendment – OUR Fourth Amendment.

Oh, and who broke this story?  NBC? AP? Reuters? Fox News?  No!  It was a BRITISH NEWSPAPER for crying out loud!  Thank God journalists still exist somewhere.  The Fourth Estate is alive and well – IN ENGLAND!!!

The fear induced on 9/11/2001 caused people to be willing to give up some freedoms in order to feel safe again, to sleep better and know that our government would protect us.  Roll out the flag, the Lee Greenwood, the Toby Keith, the Alan Jackson and all the lemmings donned their brown shirts and joined the cause.  I love America.  I flew the flag after 9/11.  I wept about what went on.  But patriotism can be a dangerous thing if there is no oversight of the folks in power.  Patriotism and nationalism are what gave Hitler the green light in Germany.  Our founders knew better than anyone that power left unchecked will soon run roughshod over its subjects.  It’s human nature and it’s also the nature of our Executive Branch of government.  Checks and balances and all that stuff…

Utility companies are installing smart meters on houses all over the country, and my guess is that the powers that be would love to install a smart meter (a digital tattoo) on every person not only in this country but in the world, in order to “protect us from terrorism”.  It’s the stuff tyrannical governments have dreamed of for centuries and for the first time in world history, the technology is available to do such a thing.  Will this power and technology be abused?  Ask the Jews in 1938 Germany, or the Poles, or the North Koreans or the Chinese.

They’ve given you a number
and taken away your name   

Oh be careful what you say
You’ll give yourself away
Odds are you won’t live to see tomorrow    Johnny Rivers, Secret Agent Man, 1966

The piece below is a real mishmash of good and bad theology, but it does make one stop and think for a minute.

Could the United States of America turn out to be the most tyrannical, oppressive power the earth has ever seen?  Wasn’t Babylon the dominant world power at one point?  It sure was, and God used it as a tool to judge and purify His people Israel.  Egypt was another world power that God used mightily to show His power.  Rome was another one.

To think it cannot happen in the United States is to reject human history and to reject the notion that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Pray for this country.  I don’t like what’s going on but that doesn’t mean it’s not going on.  Every one of you who are Christians are citizens of TWO kingdoms – the Kingdom of God and the kingdom(s) of this world.  Just because our primary allegiance is to God’s kingdom doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be involved and work to enact change in the second.  That’s why God leaves us here.  A bloody revolution is not required, but a revolution of ideas is.  As good citizens of this country we have a duty to see that those responsible for the scandals engulfing us are removed from their positions of power.  The pen is truly mightier than the sword and we need to start wielding it big time.  We need to pray and ask God for wisdom and humility and then we need to write our representatives and make it very clear to them that their position of power is granted to them by us at every election.  Instead of representing us, many in government seem to be at war with us.  And we’re the ones buying them their weapons.

Of all the temporal gifts God every gave to the world, America has to be the brightest, the most glorious thing of all.  Everything we cherish – our churches, our homes, our possessions – exist because of documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Yesterday marked the 69th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.  Need I say more about how America is truly a gift bestowed upon the world by the Creator?  Will it last forever?  Nothing in this world does, but we can fight to extend her glory for a little while longer, if we are willing.

The Beastie Boys put it well.  You gotta fight…for your right…to party.  


Let’s turn the silence of the lambs into the roar of a lion.




For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God

to the pulling down of strong holds;)

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against

the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the

obedience of Christ;         2 Corinthians 10:3-5


IF 666 WAS 1984

Today is June 6th, 2013. When I woke up this morning I realized that the night before I was talking about the mark of the beast and by accident I found the synchronicity of the numeric accident of how June 6th, 2013 is a date that when you digitize the month of June to 6, add the day which is 6 and then reduce the date 2013 to 2+0+1+3 you also get six. Add the numbers all together the 6 the 6 the 2 the zero the 1 and 3 and you end up with 18 that is of course 3X6 or 6+6+6 and reduced to 9 the number of completion or if you believe Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan is the elite number of the devil himself.

For most people this is just dime store numerology and a bit of eerie number play, but for others the numbers mean more and meaningful coincidence is not really coincidence but something to be aware of because the brain has a tendency to make chaotic numbers mean something and that all things that are controlled, speak to the collective unconscious and set in motion many diabolical things that are viewed safely at a distance.

Websites of various fringes report on several compelling theories and many of them are dismissed until the mainstream news latches on to them and turns them into a whacky countdown or op-ed piece that gets thrown into the memory hole. One ongoing subject that seems to turn up on these so-called fringe sites is the idea of an agenda where the elite are planning to control and eventually kill off some of the population in order to save the planet.

Those that hang out the conspiracy theory circles estimate that the magic number of those marked for death will be 2/3rds of a “chosen” population. Some believe that this pertains to the Jews.

The 2/3rds reference comes from the bible where God says in the whole land 2/3rds will be struck down and perish, and the 1/3 who are left will be brought into the fire. The phrase “the fire” is thought to be the refiner’s fire, a name sometimes given to the Great Tribulation. That means 2/3rds of the Jewish people will die during a war that is supposed to take place before the eschaton begins.

A careful reading of book of Zechariah demonstrates that this 2/3rds will perish in what is known as the dispensation or last days. Some people believe that it already happened during the Holocaust. .

It is also interesting to note that on a calculator 2/3 represented decimally, 0.666. The sequence repeats ad infinitum.

While the numbers are all random and sequence at times in ways that have us pay attention there seems to valid reasons to believe that there is a comprehensive plan of action that is being taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations that consult the various governments, to review ways the world can be prepared for a global network that can ensure the promise of sustainability.

The main goal of the so-called elite or the Illuminati is to create a network of human resource and labor for the sole purpose of maintaining the opulent lifestyles of the few. The way to do this is create an imperial cult or empire that many have already associated with what is called a bestial leviathan empire. In ancient writings, mainly the biblical apocalypse, this empire will signal the beginning of the apostasy and it will have a number and that number will be six hundred threescore and six.

Similar empires have been spoken of in fiction as well one of them of course is INGSOC featured in the book ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.

It was 64 years ago this week that the book ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four‘ was first published.

Many argue that the first signs of the Orwellian leviathan “beast” government began when citizens were given numbers, with the advent of the Social Security System. We now are required to receive serial numbers so that we can be cataloged and filed for the work force. This number is used to also catalog you for military service, tax collecting and sometimes as an identification number.

This has been said not to be the reason for the number; however, it is this number that identifies you as a citizen in the government system.

When ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four‘ was first released the people of the day had a hard time grasping the concepts that were presented because at the time they were too bleak to be imagined. Orwell himself said that he thought the concepts presented would take thousands of years to happen.

We know now that much of what Orwell wrote is now becoming reality and we have to wonder if what he wrote was a warning or if it had the opposite effect since we are seeing the dystopia rear its head in our modern day quest for a so-called safe and secure homeland.

What is happening literally is the establishment of an empire that oversees an imprisoned populace cataloged and numbered. Their DNA is safely placed in a data bank, their brains will be drugged and analyzed for any predispositions toward crime and, if they are, the conditioning process begins where 2+2 is no longer 4 but what the “ministry of love” wants it to be.

Orwell also was thorough in explaining that the power of big brother was magnified with the use of technologies to monitor and implement fear to those it identifies as its enemies.

One of the tools used in the horrific future government spoken of in ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ was the telescreen.
The telescreens remained on at all times; they were used to spy on people and were also used to shape public opinion about the “party” and the perceived enemies of the “party.”

Today, webcams and smart phones with portable screens are used for tracking and spying and we are, arguably, already in the midst of this Orwellian nightmare as the headlines scream out at us that the government has been proficient in spying on American citizens through the use of the telephony.

The concept of the ‘all-seeing eye‘ has always been a hidden reality and an esoteric reminder that you cannot hide form an ever controlling empire.

The symbol of the ’all-seeing eye’ can be seen above the pyramid on the American dollar. The eye has been interpreted in many ways but it has been attributed to the Illuminati an all encompassing term for the secret societal control mechanism that is in place. This cabal allegedly guides and controls the world. The symbol of the all seeing eye geometrically forms a “hexagon” or a six sided star that is known as the six within the sixes hexagon and key to great secret of the architect.

It is argued that the architect is many different “gods” or entities. Some say the eye is representation of God or “Jabulon” looking down from the unfinished pyramid, and others say that the eye and the numeric sixes represent the empire of Lucifer.

This empire utilizes deception to gain control and the biggest deception of all is that there is division in purpose and that there are what is known as right wing and left wing concepts. It has been said that organizations like the United Nations typically embodies the left wing oligarch approach to globalism. The right wing, now hijacked by Neocon terrorists, has decided to adopt a more militant path to global domination.

Both wings are attached to the same demonic dragon. The dragon is the beast, the serpentine bellies that with its parts nourishes on the blood of the innocent and with patience eliminate the human material that is seen as rebellious and hard headed.

The ‘all-seeing eye’ over the pyramid represents the totality of the Great Work, which is to place one king or world leader on the throne of the centralized global empire. This great king or emperor of the world empire has been called the antichrist, who is associated with the number 666 or the mark of the beast.

As governments accrue more power to themselves, they seek out ways to expand and complete their control – and fear and dread secure the ideal atmosphere in which to enforce this type of mindless conformity.

There is power in symbolism and there is power in numbers.

The supernatural order when realized paves the way to answer the questions of the natural order even the nature of chaos and all that it entails. I have stated several times in the history of my shows that while we all have our various beliefs we cling to, various religious denominations we want to identify with; there is spirituality beyond the norms of general society that is practiced among the elite. This spirituality is a dark ritualistic pantheon that some may consider to be Luciferian or Satanic. However there are even factions of paganism even contemporary Satanism that will not touch or even put into practice this ritualistic form of black magic.

I have been pointing out lately the patterns and symbolism that have led me on the path of synchromysticism.

Names and numbers have triggered a chilling template that something dark and sinister is in control, that even evil has a perverted intelligence behind it. The more you dig the more you learn that there isn’t just a good or an evil, there is also denial of the light, a sociopathic denial of all responsibility to mankind.

The sociopathic denial comes with the loss of empathy and care. The ritualism of mass murder and the act of injustice takes place on a grand scale and the ones who are not initiated or awakened believe that this normal.

This is the indication of the bestial or animalistic nature of man. This again is annotated as a human number of 666. 666 can also represent the incomplete bestial man through his three phases of birth, life and death. Those who give into their bestial nature will eventually destroy themselves.

Many people are all participating in the 666 equation, that which was demonstrated in the book ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ where it is proposed that the wars and conflicts are not to be won but are continuous in order to fortify the satanic hold on the world.

The militant Christian movements that hide amongst loyal and faithful Christians along with Zionist Jews and fanatical Islam have now exercised their political influence all over the world. Militant fundamentalist groups within these religious organizations are the most supportive of globalist wars in the Middle East because they see them as a part of the divine blueprint in the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel and in the Koran.

This makes certain the promise of inevitable Armageddon.

We are fed, by design, the fear of Islamic fundamentalism; in the fog of deception we forget that the Christians and Jews have their share of fundamentalists and that they are preparing for the eschaton as well. They go about their business of pushing the Armageddon agenda without being questioned. They have vast resources to push their agendas of what they feel is godly, when in reality their idea of covenant pressuring is nothing more than the chief tenet of Luciferian dogma.

They claim that it is their love of God that fuels their zeal and that the advent of the Second Coming is a motivator for such devotion and militant preaching and globalist maneuvering. Their passion is not being forged by God but being fired by their hatred and intolerance of other religions. There are fundamentalist Christians that will attack other religions, blatantly declaring them false or satanic. This type of behavior is being well funded by certain groups that would surprise the average Christian.

According to statistics 1/3rd of the American people associate themselves with fundamentalist Christian organizations. Their message of Christ in most cases is intermingled with global American hegemony and with the support of American-led imperialist wars that they claim are important in eliminating those who are against the imperial cult.

The Pax Americana that they claim to be crusading for is literally becoming the Pax Antichristus. As these Christian leaders mock the gods they claim to worship they are literally conjuring the beast and allowing the forbidden practice of nudging God and practically daring him to show his wrath against his children.

This is being touted as new spiritual enlightenment when it all falls into play with the illuminated cycle of the beast and the numeric sequence of 666. It also indicates that the world is ripe for the global religiosity that is well known and has been spoken of for millennia and that is the imperial cult or empire.

In essence men would place themselves in positions of political and religious power, acting on behalf of God eventually declaring that their lawlessness is ordained of God.

The imperial cult will also use scapegoats and straw men to draw the blame away from their lawlessness, identifying evildoers as the contemporary persons or institutions of the times.

This is happening now and the pathocracy is adjusting evil to justify mass murder, sexual molestation, and trauma based mind control in order to bring about changes in the human psyche. The central intelligence empire seems to be growing at the expense of human life and virtue.

The messianic expectations of all the major world religions are unwittingly paving the way for the rise of the antichrist.

The state religion would form in the ruins of the established churches that have desecrated by an invasion from within. It would be a plan where the wolves would “out” the wolves and the sheep would still be led by wolves with greater hunger to mislead and destroy.

The imperial cult forges on, quietly pushing its agenda of world dominion by establishing the one world system of control. Attempts have been made to establish a collective of governments and religions for the alleged cause of “peace.” The imperial cult idea never dies in history it just changes its names.

And with the efforts of peace being touted as virtues within the cult the covert agendas are far from bringing peace. The movements bring with them death, suffering and mental possession.

As mankind becomes more and more used to a “global consciousness” and the “dream” of world unity, as well as the ecumenical movement breaching doctrinal barriers for the sake of religious unity, it becomes entirely likely that the coming avatar, beast, antichrist or false prophet will assume power in this way.

The world is already being primed for it. It also follows that in the event of a major worldwide crisis, such a person could rise with calm assurance and strong charismatic leadership to lead the world into the new age.

This is not by any means an insult to religion or god. This is evidence of a lack of faith and that a possible demonic force has gripped the consciousness of every religion and government. The devilish messiah speaks and people do not question.

It is a vicious circle that has lead us to voluntary enslavement.

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