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Some Thoughts for Super Bowl Lord’s Day

  To paraphrase John Calvin, Madison Avenue has become a perpetual forge of idols.  Here’s the quote from Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion: Hence we may infer, that the human mind is, so to speak, a perpetual forge of … Continue reading

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Who’s Godless Now? Russia says it’s the United States

        Cue up The Scorpions’ Wind Of Change I love this… “…Western countries are engaging in a ‘spiritual disarmament’ of their people.” Having grown up during the last days of the Cold War (1947-1991) I never would have thought … Continue reading

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The NSA: “…our neighbors and our friends.”

  Yeah, and the Brownshirts were just good German neighbors as well.  <LOL>  And the Hitler Youth were kinda like the Boy Scouts.  Such nice young men! If a President who has lied repeatedly to the American people tells us … Continue reading

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“…entire health insurance industry at risk.”

Here we have it.  The ultimate goal of Obamacare;  the destruction of the private health insurance industry.  The system appears to be missing the entire back-end of the processing system and we’re being told that if this isn’t in place … Continue reading

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Towards the Dissolution of the United States of America

It’s very sad, but the union of our fifty states needs to be dissolved.  A great experiment indeed, but a failure in the end. Each state in this country has its own constitution.  Each individual state should be recognized as … Continue reading

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