Inspirational, disabled family lost its health coverage, and it’s Obamacare’s fault


This is a real, darn shame and it did not have to happen.

I honestly believe Barack Obama is intentionally destroying this nation.  He is a curse to this country. 

Watch the video embedded in the article – it nearly brought me to tears; tears first of sadness and then
of rage.

Racist Americans thought it would be cute to elect “America’s first black president”.  What they didn’t realize, or didn’t really care about, was that he and his crew are the most incompetent group of people to ever occupy the highest offices of the Executive Branch.

Regarding Obamacare, selfish Americans thought it would be cute to get something for nothing – inexpensive health care at the expense of the rest of taxpaying America.  It isn’t quite working out that way.  An already overburdened middle class, facing job losses and stagnant wages, will now have to cope with dramatically-increased health care costs, whether your employer provides insurance or you’re privately insured.  But not to worry.  I understand that little-known provisions in the Affordable Care Act will provide bailouts for those who need it most – the insurance companies.  Insurance has to be the biggest racket going.  I said this years ago, but we might just have to learn how to live – as our predecessors did – without such a thing as health insurance.  For many Americans, this will soon be more than some theoretical concept.

And yet, at the end of the day, we’re told in the Bible to pray for those in authority.  We need to do this.  We need to pray that they find another line of work more suited to their ineptitude – and soon.  I really don’t see how this country can withstand 3 more years of this.  Perhaps Providence, in appointing this man to lead this nation, never intended for it to do so.  One has to wonder.

I need to watch myself and try my very best to be humble.  I believe it was Spurgeon who said that when a Christian is under the rod of affliction and being struck, he should not bite at the stick.  The stick is simply the appointed tool in the hand of the one who wields it.  Here it is… from a sermon called, The Mission of Affliction, by Charles Spurgeon, preached in London, May 8, 1873.  Barack Obama is a “second cause”, merely an instrument:


To gather all up in one, Beloved, if the trouble that comes to you, comes to you as a second cause, don’t look at the second cause so as to quarrel with it and don’t say, “I would not mind if it had not been So-and-So.” That is why God selected So-and-So to chasten you, for when a father wants to make a child smart, he gets his heaviest rod! And so does God. He has taken up that instrument which will make you smart and cry out most! It is always foolish for us to fret about the second cause. If you threaten a dog with a stick, he bites the stick—but if he were a sensible dog—he would bite you, only he does not know any better and so he bites the stick! And if we rebel against the second cause we are in error. If there is anyone we should complain against, it would be God who uses the instrument! But as we cannot and would not if we could complain against Him, it is best for us to say as David did, “Let him alone! Let him curse! The Lord has ordered him. The Lord has ordered him.”



This inspirational, disabled family lost its health coverage, and it’s Obamacare’s fault

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