“…entire health insurance industry at risk.”

Here we have it.  The ultimate goal of Obamacare;  the destruction of the private health insurance industry.  The system appears to be missing the entire back-end of the processing system and we’re being told that if this isn’t in place by March, just 6 weeks from now, it could put insurance companies at financial risk, “potentially leading to their default.”  That quote is from the HHS’ own internal communications.  This whole system was already supposed to be up and running. 

This website, this system, apparently wasn’t even half-complete at launch.  There is absolutely no way this thing could have been tested.  I think all that we had at launch – at the cost of nearly $700 million dollars – was a website that could collect the data a citizen might otherwise manually enter on a paper form.  Once that info was collected by the website, it had nowhere to go.  At least that’s what I’m gathering, and from the plethora of complaints from consumers trying to sign up, this appears to be the case.  I could build a website in several hours that would collect name, rank and serial number from thousands of Americans, but it’s what happens with that data once it’s collected that really matters.  And there are financial, statutory and legal ramifications for how that data is processed.  It’s extremely complicated and the U.S. government is way out of its league with this thing.  By hiring Accenture to “complete” this half-baked system, they are actually commencing the initial phases of the project. Accenture Federal Services meet square one.

Here it is.  I found another article which supports what I’ve been saying.  I hadn’t read this before.  Mr. Chao, dude, it’s January!  The material immediately below is from an exchange in November.  Read the entire exchange – it’s unbelievable:
(Mr. Henry Chao’s name is funny.  Add and “s” and he becomes Mr. Chaos.)

CMS Deputy Chief Information Officer Henry Chao said Tuesday that 30 percent to 40 percent of the IT systems needed to support the federal Obamacare exchange remains to be built.

“We still need to build the payments systems to make the payments” to insurers in January, he said in response to a question from Rep. Cory Gardner (R., Colo.).

Chao said that the consumer portion of the website, including account registration, and enrollment functions will not be affected by the ongoing site construction effort, but that “back office” functions, which include accounting systems, are still not complete and or functioning properly.

One of two things HAS to be at work here.  Either this is a miserable failure and they were actually attempting to build a system that functioned properly OR the intent was to create such chaos for tens of millions of Americans that the Federal Behemoth would be forced to ride to the rescue and take over the entire enterprise.  Obamacare doesn’t want to simply be a player in the health insurance game, they want to OWN the board, the pieces, the money – everything.  Partial control is useless.  Did Hitler or the Japanese want partial control of the world?  Does the NSA want to know what’s being transmitted on half of the world’s cell phones?  In Arjay’s America, people would have been hung for simply suggesting that the U.S. government bail out the banks and the auto companies in 2008.  Capitalism involves risk and when you lose you need to be allowed plenty of room to fall on your face.  Otherwise, getting it right and winning at what you do means nothing.  This might very well be the most FUBAR system ever devised by human beings.  And I’m starting to think everything is progressing exactly as planned.



Feds release details of ‘urgent’ new healthcare.gov contract
Newly released documents reveal the anxieties of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) about Healthcare.gov, which warn that failure to finish the website puts “the entire health insurance industry at risk.”

The website currently has no “Financial Management platform” to account for enrollments, tax credits, and payments to insurance plans, according to the document. HHS said without such a system the “entire healthcare reform program is jeopardized.”

The lack of an accounting platform will also cause “inaccurate issuance of payments to health plans which could seriously put [insurance companies] at financial risk; potentially leading to their default and disrupting continued services and coverage to consumers.”


New report finds Western Michigan has 1,000 fewer jobs due to Obamacare

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