TV has created a nation of compliant, ignorant zombies


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No wonder America is the most chronically-obese nation on the planet with high rates of heart disease.  We average some 34 hours of TV watching each week!  And fat in the body is one thing, but when it gets into the brain…well, just look at the reality show lineup.

Dumping cable was one of the greatest blessings we’ve ever had.  We still have Netflix via the Wii, and the kids will turn that on and watch it for a bit, but soon they’re doing other stuff.  Once the kids are in bed as they are now, the house falls silent.  Marci’s reading her Kindle and I’m writing this. 

If you love your television, pray I never become king for my first edict will involve shutting down TV completely.  Cell phones will only be allowed to carry voice calls – no more “social media”.  I’ll call my plan RJCare and it will re-humanize my kingdom.  Neighbors will talk to one another once again, children will play outside when the weather permits and everyone will be, well, more human.  “And if you like your TV, you can’t keep your TV.”   Hey, at least I’ll be a dictator who is honest and up front with his subjects.  <grin>

I was once one of the zombies.  I used to come home from work, eat dinner, and spend a good 3 hours a night watching Fox News.  Now when I walk past a TV with Fox News playing I just shake my head and wonder what the heck I was doing.  Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk…and nothing really said.  And I used to spend more than my share of time watching shows like American Chopper, Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch.  When I was younger I watched even more TV.  I’ve seen every single episode of M*A*S*H, every episode of All In The Family, every episode of Sanford and Son, and Lord knows what all else.  Countless hours of C-SPAN, The History Channel, The Military Channel and This Old House.  Oh, and every episode of The Waltons, Leave It To Beaver, and Little House on the Prairie.  That’s a lot of time spent in front of the tube.  An oh!  The commercials I’ve seen! And television isn’t making us happy or more content.  Check out this headline from the London Daily Mail:

70 MILLION Americans are on mind-altering drugs: shock statistic which shows full extent of use of illegal and legal narcotics

  • One in Five adults take prescription psychiatric drugs
  • Prescription drugs are the second most common substances to be abused
  • 27,000 unintentional drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States
  • 250 million prescriptions for anti-depressants were written in 2010
  • 10 per cent of high school pupils are prescribed drugs for ADHD
  • Anti-depressants have been linked to a series of school shootings


The nurse at my pre-employment physical used the word “perfect” to describe my blood pressure, and I’m guessing it was at least a tad higher when I got myself artificially worked up watching 3 hours of Fox News every night.  I don’t think the human brain was designed to absorb the amount of data that emanates from the tube and hey, life is already hard
enough without a bunch of artificial agitation going on.  If I can channel my inner Timothy Leary, we need to turn off, tune out, drop out.

Health, happiness and contentment.  These things do not start in the body.  They start in the mind.  I challenge you to turn off the TV, not for a few days but for a month.  See if you’re not just a little more content, a little more sane.  You might find that you could even have some more cash in your pocket each month.  I would guess that most people’s cable bills are bigger than either my gas or electric bill each month.  Like cocaine or heroin, TV addiction is not cheap.

I think we’re all gonna come to our death beds and wish we could redeem a few thousand hours of TV watching for a few more days on earth.  We can start today.


“Almost all people are hypnotics. The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, and the people believed properly.” ― Charles Fort

“According to last year’s Nielsen report, the average American over the age of two years old watches more than 34 hours of television per week, plus at least three more hours of taped programming. The report also noted that the amount of time we spend watching television increases as we get older.”

TV Propaganda and the Mind Control Culture

Newspeak has become the dominant culture and TV is the chief vehicle for spreading the lies and deceit. Jack Blood provides a succinct summary in, TV = Mind Control (Why do you think they call it Programming?)

“Once again the system is at work, knowing how easy it is to control the minds of a dumbed-down population that has been well trained, and some might say socially engineered, to never question authority, never think outside the box, never seek accountability and never think for itself. Easily manipulated, millions of people are conditioned to believe, from a very early age, that anything emanating from television is sacrosanct. Thus, everything they watch is reality and anything they hear is truth. Anchors and reporters become trusted personalities voicing reticent opinions whose veracity are seldom, if ever, questioned.

The Establishment has perfected its machination of propaganda, creating the realities it wants into society, forming whatever truth that will be of the greatest benefit, not to society, but to itself. Whatever reality it wants to create and disseminate is quickly absorbed by a population eager to feed off the mammary glands of television. The Establishment, the corporate world and government have for years told us how and what to think, how to act, who to obey and where to follow, condemning our minds to obedience, our lives to conformism and silent acquiescence.”

Is it not time to make a clean break from this self-induced imprisonment of images and sounds that spills out of the television machine?

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