The Perils of Paper Tiger Diplomacy



It’s pretty evident that God raised up Barack Obama to be a man of lawlessness to the American people, but perhaps now He is raising up someone to put this poser back in his place.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  <grin>

It’s kinda sad but I’m loving this whole thing.  Watching the insane clown posse known as Team Obama try to put marketing spin on getting their asses kicked is hilarious to me.  “Oh, if you don’t stop your world conquest right now we’ll kick you out of our G8 Group of Foppish Dandies, LLC.  AND we won’t send a delegation to the Special Olympics in Sochi.”
Them’s fightin’ words. Speak softly and carry a big script. 

With a military completely demoralized by some 13 years in Afghanistan, all we have for threats is the promise of some bailout money to Ukraine that we don’t even have – a paltry $1 billion of cash borrowed from the Chinese.

Team Obama is responsible for stirring up crap in Ukraine and this is what happens.  You can stick your hand in a hornet’s nest, but don’t be surprised when the hornet reacts in a very predictable way.  You have to think more than one move ahead.  When the Soviets tried to set up shop in Nicaragua, Reagan dealt with it.  When the Soviets tried to place missiles in Cuba, Kennedy dealt with it.  Mr. Obama, how did you think messing around in the Ukraine was going to turn out?  Putin’s dealing with it and he’s probably grateful that you did.  You gave him the excuse he’s been looking for to go on the offensive.

Hey Obama, keep cutting military pensions and benefits and see how long it is until you have to finish the wars you instigate by yourself.  John Kerry served valiantly in Vietnam, I’m sure he’ll go to war with you.  Nothing says “battle-hardened warrior” like John Kerry.  Take John McCain as well.  You can call yourselves the Crimea River Rats.  <grin>


P.S.  I should e-mail this to the White House, but they’ve already read it before I even hit the Send button.  Hey guys at the White House – EDWARD SNOWDEN!  Ba-ha-ha-ha-ha!  Better red than dead.

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
The Perils of Paper Tiger Foreign Policy
In a mock Berlin Airlift effort to sustain Ukraine, Obama sent John Kerry to Kiev with a briefcase full of $1 billion in unmarked American loan guarantees, while the EU and the International Monetary Fund pieced together an emergency aid package. They also canceled a G8 meeting scheduled in Sochi and threatened to boot Russia from the group altogether.

Vladimir Putin, a hardened Communist KGB aggressor, who said famously that the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century was the disintegration of Russia’s Soviet empire, loses no sleep over empty words from the former “community organizer.” He knows that Obama is milquetoast putty, which he can shape into whatever he wants.

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