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A Bit of Analysis on the Romney Thing…

  This morning I checked out Twitter to get some headlines and I saw that Mitt Romney was going to hold a teleconference with his supporters.  He’s been at the top of the polls amongst contenders for the Republican nomination, … Continue reading

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Administration Ticked Off Over Netanyahu Visit

If we can’t get a real man of our own to address Congress and we have to import one from Israel, so be it. Our Commander In Chief addressed Congress a short time ago with his State of the Disunion … Continue reading

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Whole lotta shakin’ going on…

  If you go to the link below and zoom in on Oklahoma, you’ll see they are getting hammered daily.  In that cluster are 6 separate earthquakes.  I check this site daily and not a day passes without at least … Continue reading

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I Love My New Lightbulbs!

Well, I got my 6 pack of the Green Creative Titanium LED Series BR30-E26-8W-2700K bulbs today.  <grin> I put 4 of them in the kitchen, going from 300 Watts down to 32 Watts and the light looks very much the … Continue reading

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I saw something beautiful this morning…

  I was driving eastbound on 44th Street this morning on the way to work.  There was a beautiful sunrise which quickly turned into what is known as a “sun pillar”.  I was really tempted to pull over and take … Continue reading

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