Allah-U Snackbar


You’ve all no doubt heard the term Allahu Akbar which translates, “Allah is Great” or “God is Great”.

Jihadists yell it when killing people and stuff.   Yeah, Allah is great…great at killing people. 
I wanna move to Dearborn and open up Allah-U-Snackbar.  <LOL>  When I do, and if I’m alive 20 minutes later, I’ll let you all in on some franchise opportunities.

If they run me out of Dearborn, perhaps I’ll come back and open up Burger King of Kings in Zeeland.  <LOL>

Oh! This reminds me.  If you get a chance, check out the Fox News documentary on Robert O’Neill, the man who fired three rounds into the face of Usama bin Laden as part of a Seal Team 6 raid on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  It’s a great documentary.
Below is a short clip.  If I can find when it will be on again or find the full video I’ll pass it along.  I’ve already watched it twice on TV.

The U.S. has messed up a lot of stuff militarily recently, but this thing will make you proud to be an American once again.  The pinpoint delivery of death to those who’ve earned it is an incredible feature of our nation.  They could have bombed the whole compound, killing innocent women and children, but they went in – fully expecting to die doing so.  They figured the entire compound was booby-trapped but they all got out alive, despite crashing a helicopter on the way in. Sometimes the guys in the white hats win. 

7 Minute Clip
The Man Who Killed Usama bin Laden

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