Sony Hacked by Former Employees?



Since North Korea apparently got falsely blamed for this, it looks like the FBI has
egg foo young on its face.  

I never believed the North Koreans had the skillz to pull off something like this – at least not without the help of the Chinese or the Russians. 

Hey, that reminds me.  What time do Chinese folks go to the dentist?  Tooth hurty.  

I think the powers-that- be are prepping all of us for some serious military shenanigans against the North Koreans soon.  Not sure what we’re gonna go to war for there – they have no oil – they pretty much have nothing.  Maybe they have prime golf courses?
What if other world powers start taking down crazy, megalomaniacal leaders who abuse their people?  Then WE are screwed. 

And I never really understood why Sony makes a comedy about assassinating the ruler of a sovereign nation.  That’s been done before.  There was Gulf War I and the sequel, Gulf War II.  It’s a pretty funny movie.  Saddam Hussein ends up swinging at the end of a rope.  Who knows, maybe it all worked after all.  Look at gas prices.   Blood for oil?  Yeah baby!  <sarcasm>

If some Russian film company made a movie about taking out our Golfer-In-Chief, the U.S. would probably convene an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council or something. 
Funny thing is, several days after the FBI laid the blame on NKorea, their Internet went down for at least 10 hours one day and more on another day.  Now, only about 6 people have Internet access in that country, but hey, it’s theirs, right?  

Cyberwarfare – it’s funny stuff!

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