Is Israel about to do the Ickey Shuffle in Iran?


Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the second-in-command in the Revolutionary Guards, told Iranian media on Thursday that his troops are capable of firing Shahab-3 missiles on Israel.

Salami.  <LOL>  Get some cold cuts…get some cold cuts…Whoooooo!!!  Gimme some!  44 ladies, that’s me!

All three of my boys are WAY too good at re-enacting this hilarious commercial. 
If Salami is second-in-command, maybe Mr. Baloney is first.  Or, perhaps, to borrow from an old Three Stooges skit, Hassan bin Sober.   <LOL>

I might be wrong, but I think Israel is about to create the world’s largest parking lot in Iran.  Replace Ickey Woods with Benjamin Netanyahu and I’ll slam my passport on the floor of our Family Fare supermarket and high-five the Prime Minister myself.

The Apocalypse.  It only comes around once.  Might just as well laugh about it.  <grin>

Iran escalates threats, vows to shower Israel with Shahab missiles

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