I was asked a funny question today…

apple pay


My work phone, the iPhone 6+, has a neat feature where the home button is used as a fingerprint reader.  I have a 4-digit passcode on my phone, but I let it learn my two thumbprints and now that gets me into the phone.  It’s kinda nice when I’m sitting in traffic and want to quickly check my e-mail, etc.  Having to enter the passcode is cumbersome and I darn near spilled my beer the other day driving down 44th Street.  <LOL>  Drinking, texting and driving is not for amateurs!   <LOL>

You can use the thumbprint to access iTunes, etc, but today the phone asked me this:

“Would you like to use Touch ID for purchases?”

That’s great.  Mark of the beast and all that good stuff.  <LOL>  It sucks bad enough that the NSA now has my thumbprint thanks to their tight cooperation with Apple, etc. but I really do think that the days of using cash are numbered.  I don’t think there’s anything at all satanic about a cashless society – in fact I think it would be cool – IF it can be done securely.  If you wanna know more about the mark of the beast, check out Kim Riddlebarger’s excellent sermon on the subject:

His Number IS 666  (Revelation 13:11-18)

I was at Rite-Aid last night, standing in line with a six-pack of Sam Adams and some Drano and it was about 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  With NFC (that’s Near-Field Communications for all you non-techies) (it also stands for No Fat Chicks, but I digress) I could have walked right out of that store with my stuff and it would have immediately pulled the funds from my account.  (or your account if my programming is right)  <LOL>  Nothing rocks more than standing in line behind some poor 75 year-old lady who simply HAS to get out her little change purse and pay with pennies and nickles and all that jazz.  “Hurry up for crying out loud!  I’m not getting any younger here!”

Patience – ain’t nobody got time for that!

sweet brown

We’re getting to that point and you can bet that once the technology is ready for prime time, it’s gonna become very popular, if not mandatory.  Do you REALLY want to be that guy or gal paying with old-fashioned cash?

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