Christians Gonna Hate



When I sent out my piece earlier on this atheist who is working to remove religious symbols from the public square in West Michigan I read through the article pretty quickly to get some quick facts.

On second reading, I realize I missed some of the hateful garbage said about this man, by people who claim to be Christians.

Not real proud to live where I do right now.  I guess crusades bring out the worst in people.
Someone compared the removal of the Hager Park sign to the Holocaust.  <LMAO>  That’s pretty ignorant and quite funny.  Chill out people.

Oh, the humanity!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the Hager Park sign removal:

“December 1, 2014…a date…which will live…in infamy!”

Far from turning the other cheek, conservative churches and their members have railed against Kahle at emotional City Council meetings and overflowing forums.

“I’ve been called every name in the book,” said Kahle.

He has received hate mail and death threats, and been cursed at by Christians.

“How is it that a dirtbag can come into a community and cause so much controversy and destruction?” asked Rick Phillips, 59, a Spring Lake real estate broker who organized a rally to support the cross last year. “These carpetbaggers need to be driven from our community.”

During the two sessions, 15 people spoke about the sign, virtually all wanting it to be returned. One compared its removal to the Holocaust. Another worried the next step would be the county supporting gay marriage.

One of dozens of people writing letters of complaint said its removal was an omen that an end-times prophecy was coming true.

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