Found a great LED light bulb site!


I know…crazy, right?

I’ve been on a bit of a crusade, working to replace all of our old-school incandescent flood lamps in the house with dimmable LED lights.

I counted and we have about 19 recessed flood lights in our house.  They are pricey at over $20 each, and they use about 75 watts of electricity each.

GE makes some decent dimmable floods and Marci has picked some up at Meijer for about $12 each.  Problem is, they never have the ones we need in stock.  The 4 kitchen bulbs we had were 75 watts each, so that’s 300 watts right there, and those are on all day.  These new bulbs I found use 8 watts and are supposed to last 25,000 hours.  Here’s what I got:

Green Creative Titanium LED 8W BR30 (bulged reflector) 65 watt equivalent dimmable 2700K color temp, 710 lumens   $12.99 each.  I got a 6-pack for $71.94

Now because my order was under $150 I had to pay $9.95 for shipping.  They’re a bit cheaper at Meijer but if Meijer ain’t got ’em, it does us no good.   <grin>  I know I could shop around at Menards, etc. but trying to find what you need in stock will be a real pain in the backside.

Buying these LED bulbs can be a real hassle, but the site below taught me a lot this morning about the science behind all this stuff.

If we have 19 traditional floods in this house at 75 watts minimum each, that’s 1425 watts, equivalent to a strong hair dryer.  The new bulbs at 8W each will be a total of 152 watts.  Yeeee haaaaaa !!!!!  I’m no math expert but that’s about one tenth of the energy we’re using – and paying for – now.  Most every day when I get home I walk through the house and turn off lights that have been left on all day.  I’ve been tempted to install proximity-activated switches in every room, but that would be expensive.

I cannot vouch for these bulbs yet, and if they stink either in quality or longevity I’ll be sending out a follow-up warning post.  <grin>

If you wanna learn more about the science of dimmable LED lamps, the site below is great.  Color temp is something to watch for.  I got 2700K because that’s what we got from Meijer and that’s a good temp.  You can choose the temp when checking out.  4000K would be a cool, very bright light.  2700K is warm.

My mom reminded me that back in the day you could take your dead light bulbs to Detroit Edison and they would replace them for free.  <grin>  Sounds crazy, I know.


EarthLED a division of Advanced Lumonics, was founded in 2007 deliver the latest innovations in LED lighting direct to consumers. In a time of increased awareness of energy costs and the toll existing energy generation methods take on the environment, EarthLED offers a unique and “win-win” solution to today’s energy challenges. By simply replacing traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs with LED lighting a home or business can become more energy efficient while bringing lighting costs down by over 90%!

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