‘Secure Freedom Strategy’ for Victory Over Global Jihad Movement



Take a few minutes to check out the short video below.  As Jim Hanson states, we need to have a strategy that goes beyond killing terrorists.  We need to be free once again to call evil evil and to boldly tell the world that the American way is best.  Others need not adopt our way of life, but if they wish to openly or violently oppose it, they will be met with fierce and unrelenting resistance.

It dawned on me this morning how long we must wait for better leadership in this country.  Nearly two more years of some really, really bad ideas at the helm.
Our enemies can clearly see our weaknesses and are taking advantage of things.  I’ll never forget how as soon as Ronald Reagan became President, the Iranians released the hostages they had held for over 400 days.

We are at war.  It is a world war but our leadership doesn’t realize it.  That’s not good.  As Jim says in the short video below, every 12-step program starts with admitting you have a problem, and we certainly do.

The material below is great stuff and three excellent PDF documents can be found at the first link below – an Executive Summary, a FAQ, and a Highlights document.   All 3 are short and sweet and outline a strategy for defeating the menace of global jihad and, more importantly, showing millions of impoverished and subjugated Muslims that there is a much better way to live.


“…we cannot simply kill our way to victory.  We need to counter ideas…it is a war of ideas…it is a war for the free world, and we need to be able to stand up and say, “Their ideology is wrong
and ours is right.”

Jim Hanson
Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy

Center Launches ‘Secure Freedom Strategy’ For Victory Over Global Jihad Movement


VIDEO  3:38
Free Fire Zone – Secure Freedom Strategy to Defeat Global Jihad


The Center for Security Policy released our Secure Freedom Strategy for Victory over the Global Jihad Movement last Friday at the National Press Club, C-SPAN broadcast it live and you can see the whole event and read the documents here (That includes you Mr. President).

We have a comprehensive plan to fight the Islamists all the places they are attacking, with military force, intelligence efforts, information warfare, economic warfare, lawfare and much more. There is no way to win without a full faith, full force effort and we have the blueprint. I will break down the various parts over the next few weeks, but here is a taste with my remarks at the press conference.


Establishing Our Objective

It is the sworn duty of every U.S. official to uphold and defend “the Constitution of the
United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” A strategic objective of the Global
Jihad Movement is to subvert or overthrow the Constitution of the United States. Therefore, our fundamental objective in opposing the Global Jihad Movement, and its attempts to promote its ideology in the United States, is to defend our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees here at home.

Cold War-era resistance to Communism was not merely against the Soviet government,
but against Communist ideological offensives to subvert or overthrow our Constitution. To
face the Global Jihad threat, the United States must enunciate a national commitment to –
using a phrase President Reagan employed as the object of NSDD 75 – “contain and over
time reverse” shariah-driven Islamic expansionism, including establishment of a Caliphate.
The rising tide of shariah supremacism and its manifestations here and abroad make
abundantly clear that Western civilization, indeed America, cannot coexist with the Global
Jihad Movement.

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