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Hot Legs, Crime Alerts, Jimi Hendrix and Phil Robertson

First some silliness.  I was reminded at about 6:00AM this morning why I don’t watch much Fox News anymore.  It gets my blood pressure up.  The story below had me about ready to throttle somebody…at 6:00AM  !!! Grady was sick … Continue reading

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Hudsonville’s Reference to God Could Spell Legal Trouble

More like “should spell legal trouble” because it’s legally troubling.  I have a Hudsonville mailing address and I love Jesus but this simply is not right.  We live in a constitutional republic, not a theocracy like Iran. I wrote about … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving! <grins> <LOLs> and other good stuff

  Psalm 106:1-5 Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;his love endures forever. Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lordor fully declare his praise?Blessed are those who act justly,who always do what is … Continue reading

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Is ISIS Mystery Babylon? <LOL>

The way these sick clowns are metastasizing, I wonder if they’re gonna spread all over the globe and cut every infidel’s head off.  No, I don’t really think they’re Mystery Babylon spoken of in the book of Revelation, but perhaps … Continue reading

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I Think I Mighta Got Played

The Detroit Free Press has always been the more liberal of the two major daily newspapers in Detroit, although The Detroit News isn’t exactly what you’d call a bastion of conservative editorial opinion either. While I marvel at the determination … Continue reading

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