Thanksgiving! <grins> <LOLs> and other good stuff



Psalm 106:1-5

Praise the Lord.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord
or fully declare his praise?
Blessed are those who act justly,
who always do what is right.

Remember me, Lord, when you show favor to your people,
come to my aid when you save them,
that I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones,
that I may share in the joy of your nation
and join your inheritance in giving praise.


We can all certainly be thankful to God for His goodness to us.  Every time I notice the furnace kicking on – which is about 4 times an hour – I thank God for that. 

I read this morning that some 2,000 people were without power in Oceana County.  Not even sure where you begin to deal with that if it lasts more than a few hours in this weather.  We had a winter power outage here a few years back and it lasted most of the day, but it wasn’t this darn cold.  Tomorrow it will be near 30 degrees and that’s about 45 degrees warmer than it was this morning.  I might don a Speedo and some flip-flops and run around on the front yard like a crazy man!  30 degrees; below freezing and yet downright balmy!  <grin>

This cold weather has been unreal.  Yesterday morning I left Hudsonville and it was cloudy and snowing pretty good.  When I got about halfway to work, about 8 miles east of here, the sky was clear and there was a cool segment of rainbow off to the left of the sun.  The rainbow was directly in front of me most of the way in to work and it was great to see.  On the way home last night there were two such rainbow segments, 180 degrees apart off the setting sun.  God painted a cool portrait in the sky and I didn’t miss it.

We take many things for granted – things that many people in this world will never even know – like heated homes, clean water and plentiful food.  The key to thanksgiving is to give thanks for things while you still have them.  It’s hard because so many good gifts we have we’ve had all our lives.  God’s goodness is so good it can actually get old  – and that should not happen.

It’s been a rough winter – they all are, and at least for me, they seem to grow more dismal and more oppressive as I get older.  BUT – spring is just around the corner!  Rev. Kim Riddlebarger just posted that MLB pitchers and catchers are starting to report for training.  March 1 is my psychological end of winter and it’s only 8 or 9 days away.  February should be White History Month as that snow will very soon be history.  <LOL>

Stay warm my friends, and keep your eyes on the coming prize!  Yee haaa!  It’s up to 12 degrees!  Here’s a nice little ditty called Hail To The Lord’s Anointed to get your toes tapping and prevent the onset of frostbite.  <grin>


P.S.  Below is a keychain Cooper made today at Georgetown Christian Preschool, just a few blocks from our home.  All the boys were there today as school was closed.

Cooper's Keychain

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