Hot Legs, Crime Alerts, Jimi Hendrix and Phil Robertson

leg chair

First some silliness. 

I was reminded at about 6:00AM this morning why I don’t watch much Fox News anymore.  It gets my blood pressure up.  The story below had me about ready to throttle somebody…at 6:00AM  !!!

Grady was sick yesterday so he wanted to sleep on the couch.  I agreed to sleep on a chair next to him.  I slept like a rock by the way from about 11:00 until 6:00.  Left the TV on Fox News all night and woke up to the story below.

What I’ve been wondering for a few days is whether or not Fox News’ ratings would be as high as they are if their female staff didn’t show as much leg.  I love looking at women’s legs, but when I’m trying to think about Ukraine or Netanyahu or the Apocalypse it gets
distracting.  <grin>  “I wonder when Israel will attack Iran…Wow!…look at those legs!” 

I watched a symposium with Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld from Redeye a week or so ago.  Greg spoke of “The Leg Chair”.  It’s the one closest to the camera where the hottest chick on the set sits.  Kinda like when I was first chair clarinet in concert band.  Everyone could see my right leg.  <LOL>  I usually had pants on in concert band so it wasn’t all that
awesome.  <LOL>

Not to get all Taliban on ya, but I’ve often wondered why married women dress provocatively in public.  I mean, when I’ve caught my limit of fish for the day I don’t continue to bait the hook if you get my drift.  <grin>  I don’t understand.

I guess sex sells and it would be interesting to see how much.  Dress the Fox ladies in some Islamic garb, cover everything up and see what happens to the ratings.  CNN and Al Jazeera might then have a chance.

I’ll stop this diatribe but it’s kinda sad.  Many of the women on Fox News are very intelligent and I think it’s a sign of weakness when a woman oversells her body like that.  It degrades everything.

On to this crazy story. 

My dad always had the police scanner on when I was growing up.  Every call started like this:

White male, five foot six, 200 pounds.”

If you want to quickly narrow down a group of potential suspects, you have to use the most obvious characteristics.  Color or race really helps narrow things down.  It was wrong, but the police in Center Line, Michigan used to refer to blacks as “Willies” on the radio.  We used to laugh about that.  Pretty stupid to do that on the radio.

Universities are incubators of everything wrong with America.  There was a guy on Fox this morning actually trying to defend U of M’s decision here. 

Political correctness is destroying this nation.  It probably already has.  Which reminds me, if you haven’t yet, spend 28 minutes watching Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson preach what can only be described as a great sermon at the CPAC convention.  It’s fantastic stuff.  It starts with him pulling an old Bible out of his bag.  The Bible was so old and used it was duct taped together.  (or is that duck tape).  Phil is something of a John the Baptist figure
in his camo pants and ZZ Top-style beard amongst a bunch of Republicans in suits.  Almost surreal. 

I report…you decide.


University of Minnesota Drops Suspect’s Race in Crime Alerts

“We need to have enough information about a suspect so that somebody can reasonably use that information to help keep themselves safe,” Wheelock said. “Unless we have a sufficiency of information, we’re not actually going to use any suspect information.”

Foxy Lady
I wanna take you home, yeah…
I won’t do you no wrong, huh…
You got to be all mine
Fox News Lady   <LOL>

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