A New Coffeemaker! Wahooo !!!


I’ll write about anything…lightbulbs, coffeemakers.   <grin>

The old Mr. Coffee had seen better days and it didn’t have an auto shut-off feature.  I came home from work last week and the pot was still on.  Not good.  I was so desperate for a cup I ate that stuff with a fork.  <LOL>  Coulda burned the house down.  That woulda been a hot mess.  <LOL>

I priced this Hamilton Beach device at JCPenney’s website the other day and it was going for $130.  Marci picked one up today at Meijer with an MPerks thing and got it for under $70.  Way to go Marci!

It’s not WiFi-enabled like some of the new Mr. Coffee models and that really ticks me off <grin>  but oh well. 

It’s got some newfangled thing on the right side where you can insert what I think are called Special K-Cups.  It makes a single serving of cereal or something.  Gotta figure that part out yet.  Loaded it with cereal and nothing came out.  Hope I didn’t break it.  If I did, it has already lasted about 8 hours which is about 2 hours longer than some of the Mr. Coffee gems we’ve bought in the past.  <LOL>  Where in the heck is Mrs. Coffee?
I think she divorced Mr. Coffee because that guy was so worthless in the kitchen.  (Wow…I resemble that remark)

It has a clock which is really necessary.  There are now 4 digital clocks within a 4-foot radius in the corner of our kitchen.  One on the stove, one on the microwave above the stove, one on the radio mounted under the cabinet and one on this sweet new bean squeezer.  All the clocks are set.  AND guess what…next week begins Daylight Saving Time.  <LOL>  I’ll betcha ten bucks this clock cannot adjust itself for DST.  Worthless
junk.  <grin>  “Marci, you got the receipt for this thing?”

On the side of the box – the English side (yes, there’s a Spanish side) it says this:

Brew a single cup or a full pot of coffee…now that’s Good Thinking ®

Hamilton Beach went out and trademarked “good thinking”.  My whole life has just become 49 years of trademark infringement.  <LOL> 

Hopefully this one lasts until I’m 50.

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