It’s Not My Time

Walk/Don't Walk Sign (file / credit:

I was watching the video below when my sister messaged me on Facebook to tell me about a 12-year-old girl who was struck by a car and killed last night on Gratiot just south of I-696.  She and two others were crossing the road when she was hit.

Marci and the boys and I met Cissy at a Greek restaurant less than a mile from there last Sunday. 

I remember driving over there and crossing through the I-696 and Van Dyke intersection and telling the boys that my friend Randy and I used to walk across that intersection every day on the way to school – from 7th until 12th grade – 6 years of crossing two service drives and Van Dyke, which is 5 lanes wide.  We usually crossed at the lights, but not always.  Why didn’t I get hit by a car and die?   It wasn’t my time.

“…remember that you are immortal till your work is done.”    Spurgeon

I’m starting to realize why God despises murmuring so much; it reveals our detachment from reality.  God punished Israel for it and He’s still punishing His children for it today.  We bitch about silly stuff not realizing that we are adrift on a tempest-driven ocean filled with sharks…and we’re all bleeding profusely.  “It’s cold outside.”  “My job sucks.”
“Why do my kids fight so much?”

The suddenness of death’s swift and silent approach should make all of us tremble – and cease our murmuring against Providence.

GOD:  “Arjay.  Mouth closed.  Face like flint.  Eyes and ears on me.  Don’t walk.  Don’t walk.  Walk.”



It’s Not My Time (3 Doors Down)

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