Officials giving mixed messages on why U.S. aircraft carrier is shadowing Iranian convoy


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I guess the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt carrier battle group is there to check fishing licenses.  Or maybe they’re gonna stop Iranian speedboats – you know, those 14-foot aluminum boats with a Johnson outboard and a mounted .50 caliber machine gun – to see that the Johnson outboard motor isn’t generating too many carbon emissions.

You don’t telegraph moves to the enemy like this!  You bring a presence like this to send a message.  What’s gonna happen if some kind of U.S.S. Cole deal happens and some “terrorist group” blows a hole in the side of the Theodore Roosevelt?  Are we gonna just let that slide?  “Oh, those are just the perils of fishing license and shipping lane enforcement.”

We’ve got some very foolish people calling the shots in D.C. right now (we all know this), and all I can say is I feel sorry for the men and women and those commanding them who are sent into harm’s way without any clear mission objectives whatsoever.  Not only are our objectives unclear, we’re telling the whole world they’re unclear.

Total confusion.  World War III is about to break out on any of about 4 fronts right now and it’s gonna be sad when it does and it dawns on many Americans that we’re completely lost – like a ship without a rudder.

When you lack the will to fight, don’t show up on the battlefield unless you really want your arse kicked.


Officials giving mixed messages on why U.S. aircraft carrier shadowing Iranian convoy

An American aircraft carrier and its warplanes are shadowing an Iranian convoy approaching Yemen, as the U.S. beefs up its presence in the region — but back in Washington, officials can’t seem to agree on why. 

Pentagon sources confirmed to Fox News that the USS Theodore Roosevelt is tracking the Iranian convoy, and also launching F/A-18 Hornets to conduct “manned reconnaissance” of the estimated nine Iranian ships.

Those ships are suspected of carrying weapons to rebel fighters in Yemen. 

But State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf insisted Tuesday that the U.S. ships were “only” there to “ensure the shipping lanes remain open and safe” — and “not to do anything in terms of those Iranian ships.”

She blasted “misreporting” that asserted U.S. ships were prepared to intercept Iranian vessels.

A senior defense official at the Pentagon on Tuesday pushed back on reports that the White House has made a decision about boarding the suspected ships. 

“The White House is not even close to making a decision,” the official with close ties to the administration said.

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