Jeremy Casella–On The Evening Train

jeremy casella 2

On The Evening Train

from the album Death In Reverse by Jeremy Casella

Luke 24:32 / John 16:12-33 / Hebrews 8:10 / Revelation 21

On the evening train
The conductor’s voice is love
When He called my name
From the platform to stand up
I was covered over secrets deep
And saddled with my shame

And with a Word
The rolling Hand
Revealing every low disguise
’Til I am known
And living in the knowledge
of a man alive

The old familiar fear
My long companion through the Fall
Winter’s end is here
And I’ve been remembered after all
For every broken thing inside me
Beauty makes the trade

Oh nothing’s wasted
Arriving right on time
No nothing’s wasted
Arriving right on time

I’ve been up all night
Trying to get myself some sleep
In a house on fire
Yahweh running after me

Nothing is wasted,
Arriving right on time
Time, time, time…
Arrival, your heart’s not wasted time…
from Death In Reverse, released 06 May 2014
high string & acoustic guitars, drum programming, keys, treatments, vocals: Jeremy Casella
electric guitars: Andrew Osenga, Nathan Dugger
synth, piano, treatments, mellotron: Cason Cooley
grand piano: Ian Fitchuk
bass: Tony Lucido
drums: Jeremy Lutito

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