The Acceleration of the Gravity of the Situation We’re In


american holocaust

From Wikipedia:

The standard acceleration due to gravity (or standard acceleration of free fall), sometimes abbreviated as standard gravity, usually denoted by ɡ0 or ɡn, is the nominal gravitational acceleration of an object in a vacuum near the surface of the Earth. It is defined by standard as 9.80665 m/s2, which is exactly 35.30394 km/(h·s) (about 32.174 ft/s2, or 21.937 mph/s).

The allies were pretty hard on the German citizens who lived near concentration camps near the close of World War II.  They were forced to enter the camps and move the piles of dead bodies into large graves.  This was done because these folks knew what was
going on there – had to know – and their punishment was deserved.

Here we are.  It’s 2015 in the United States of America.  Marci was born in 1973, the same year our Supreme Court decided the Roe v. Wade case legalizing abortion in all 50 states.
For many of us, especially those under the age of 50, this is normal America.  This is a true holocaust and it’s just part of the background of our culture of death.  We’ve grown accustomed to it, it’s normal.  It’s in the background but we seldom think about it.  The Germans around the death camps did this as well.

Some 4,000 children are killed in this country every day.  The total is now around 56,000,000.  For many, this is simply a very heinous form of birth control.  Commit adultery, can’t deal with it, the kid has to die.  God’s handiwork destroyed. It cannot go unpunished.

Is there forgiveness available for those women (and men) who have been accomplices in this holocaust?  Certainly.  Christ’s atonement was complete and covers all sins for those who repent and seek forgiveness.

“The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased,
grace increased all the more,…”    Romans 5:20

The recent Planned Parenthood revelations are absolutely disgusting.  What we find here is the natural acceleration of sin and its consequences.  Left unchecked, like Auschwitz, it goes on and on and on and only gets worse.  We become numb to it, but it’s no less awful.

The Jews in Europe had at least some form of resistance.  They could try to flee or resist in some way.  A baby in its mother’s womb has no such opportunity, which makes what has been going on in this nation since 1973 all the more awful.  We cannot seem to protect our most vulnerable and helpless, yet in the mid 1940s our nation had the strength and will to apply sacrificial force to end what had been at that time the most horrible genocide imaginable. 

My great fear is that the Planned Parenthood material will go the way that most news stories in our time go – quickly forgotten, moving on to the latest news surrounding Bruce Jenner or a lion in Zimbabwe. 

God does not forget.  Abel’s blood didn’t merely lie on the ground after Cain had slain him.  It cried out to God and He was not deaf.  He does not wear a hearing aid today.  He knows.  He’s watching.  Crosshairs have been established and something will be done.  If nothing in the way of judgment occurs, then God would certainly owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

How long until Satan’s wrath leads our culture – a culture that can coolly murder helpless babies – to a place where Christians (Satan’s despised enemy) are found to be a really good and healthy meal for lions?  It has been done before.  No atrocity is beyond possibility. 
In my opinion, everything in the United States needs to come to a standstill until no vestige of Planned Parenthood remains.

Our representatives in Congress need to be on the floor, 24/7, filibustering or doing whatever they have to do to end this, or they will be guilty of malfeasance of office.  If they cannot muster the will to do their jobs, they should be immediately removed or resign for lack of will to do their sworn duty.

Tonight or tomorrow I will be writing to my senators and congressmen and to various men and women in leadership in those bodies.  I may just send them this piece and respectfully ask them to do one thing for America – their job!  I read recently that the best way to contact these people is via e-mail, especially to their local offices.

Below is a piece I read last night by a pastor named Dan Phillips.  The piece, in my opinion, makes it VERY clear that a child becomes a living person created in the image of God at conception.  Birth is not necessary.  It’s a very logically-done piece and makes really good use of scripture to make the case. 

Please, take whatever time is necessary to contact your representatives in our government.  Failing to do so will no doubt lead to the loss of the greatest, most blessed nation in world history.  None of us has truly seen ugly and ugly is what’s gonna happen very soon.  We are completely worthless and unworthy of anything if we cannot stop this American Holocaust.

God is no respecter of persons and we are not at all immune to to the full force of His wrath.  This is a nation that is about to completely exhaust the blessings associated with everything we’ve done as a people in the past.  We’ve been enjoying the fruits of the labors of our ancestors for far too long and we must now get busy or see everything we hold dear stripped from us and our children and grandchildren in violent fashion.

Pray for this nation.  Pray for our leaders.  Pray that – once again – God will bless these United States of America.


The Bible and The Bulls-Eye on the Baby

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