A Bit of Geopolitical Analysis

war in syria

It’s really not funny because people are dying, but what Vladimir Putin is doing to the West, especially the United States, is kinda funny. 

Look at the various messes we’ve started in the Middle East.  In none of these cases – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt or Syria – has our Congress declared war.  Hundreds of thousands have died, millions of people have been displaced, and trillions of American tax dollars have been spent – all to make the entire situation much more dangerous
than when we began our adventures.

And in Ukraine, it has been very clearly proven that the United States was behind the uprising that caused the Russians to get involved there.  Congress did not authorize this, but our CIA and others stirred up troublemakers and caused a lot of havoc that Putin had to respond to. 

As for the American “strategy” in Syria, who can even keep track of the combatants?  Who are we supporting?  What is the endgame?  If Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is such a huge problem for us, Congress should have authorized a war to remove his regime.  Instead, we unleash all manner of hell over there, stand back and see what transpires, hoping to hoist the Mission Accomplished banner at some future photo op.

Russia has a base in Syria and one can’t really blame them for doing what needs to be done to protect their interests there.  Assad is no good, but Putin in this case holds the moral high ground.  He got unanimous approval from his government to intervene in Syria before doing so.  And Putin is right in the way he keeps appealing to law as reasoning to intervene or not intervene in a sovereign nation’s affairs. 

It’s a real mess that just keeps getting worse.  Just this morning we learn that our forces unleashed sustained bombing on a hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz;  9 doctors dead and at least 30 missing.  U.S. Army Colonel Brian Tribus said the strike “may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility.”


Collateral Damage – that could well be the motto of President Obama and his administration, not only in regards to military failures, but a whole host of things including the economy, the rights of unborn children, immigration – pretty much everything.

I would lose all hope if I didn’t have a solid faith in God’s providence in all matters.  He sets up earthly kingdoms and He razes them.  He elevates kings and leaders and He deposes them – all at His good pleasure.  It’s confusing to us, as are nearly all of His dealings, but we have to hang on to the idea that all things, not just some things, are working together
for the good of His people, and His plans shall not be thwarted.  Knowing these things keeps me from getting all bent out of shape like so many pundits and commentators.  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin – all these guys have been talking for decades!  They can all have the Captain Obvious Award for pointing out the problems. 
Have things improved after all the talk and debate?  They may not appear to be improving, but God’s up to something.  The problems are quite obvious.  The answer is something that takes both faith and courage to acknowledge.

Grady would put it this way.  “Putin is carrying on like a boss!”  <grin>  In a huge leadership vacuum, any leadership, even if it’s Vladimir Putin, is somewhat refreshing.

Article 13, The Belgic Confession of Faith

We believe that the same God, after he had created all things, did not forsake them, or give them up to fortune or chance, but that he rules and governs them according to his holy will, so that nothing happens in this world without his appointment: nevertheless, God neither is the author of, nor can be charged with, the sins which are committed. For his power and goodness are so great and incomprehensible, that he orders and executes his work in the most excellent and just manner, even then, when devils and wicked men act unjustly. And, as to what he doth surpassing human understanding, we will not curiously inquire into, farther than our capacity will admit of; but with the greatest humility and reverence adore the righteous judgments of God, which are hid from us, contenting ourselves that we are disciples of Christ, to learn only those things which he has revealed to us in his Word, without transgressing these limits. This doctrine affords us unspeakable consolation, since we are taught thereby that nothing can befall us by chance, but by the direction of our most gracious and heavenly Father; who watches over us with a paternal care, keeping all creatures so under his power, that not a hair of our head (for they are all numbered), nor a sparrow, can fall to the ground, without the will of our Father, in whom we do entirely trust; being persuaded, that he so restrains the devil and all our enemies, that without his will and permission, they cannot hurt us. And therefore we reject that damnable error of the Epicureans, who say that God regards nothing, but leaves all things to chance.
(Matthew 10:29-30)

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