Inside France’s Sharia No-Go Zones

16/10/09 TODAY Picture by Tal Cohen - 
 Muslims protest outside Geert Wilders press conference in central London 16 October 2009,  Wilders who faces prosecution in the Netherlands for anti-Islam remarks pays visit to the capital.  The Freedom Party leader said 'Lord Malcolm Pearson has invited me to come to the House of Lords to discuss our future plans to show Fitna the movie.' Wilders won an appeal on October 13 against a ban, enforced in February, from entering Britain. Ministers felt his presence would threaten public safety and lead to interfaith violence. (Photo by Tal Cohen)  All Rights Reserved ñ Tal Cohen - T: +44 (0) 7852 485 415  
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What transpired yesterday in France should come as no surprise to anyone.  It’s simply the natural, expected result of horrible liberal policies in France. 

This is how political correctness ends.  This is how uncontrolled borders ends.  Westerners should get used to this.  It’s the new status quo.

I was watching some analysis late last night on TV and a former U.S. general stated that these ISIS guys are something of a franchise operation.  One need not come directly from Syria to engage in such terror.  Any evil, like-minded person can simply open up shop so to speak and become a brother-in-arms with these madmen and do so while looking like those he or she lives amongst.  This is the most troubling part of all this.

Defense against this form of terror is nearly impossible in an open society, which is why we are going to see even further reductions in our liberties in the West as a result of such acts.
I was a bit puzzled by a few things yesterday:

1)  How with such certainty the authorities claimed the events were over, very shortly after the action subsided.

2)  How President Hollande was so quick to put himself down in what could very well still have been an active situation.


It will probably never happen, but the radicals in these Muslim no-go zones need to be rounded up and shipped elsewhere, via train or whatever, Auschwitz-style, to some other place outside of France.  Commentators last night wondered how these attacks could have happened with France on a high state of alert.  Come on, really?  You have enclaves of these people where the police don’t even dare to go.  Think about it guys, come on!

Islam is a dirty, satanically-inspired false religion.  Not all practicing Muslims are terrorists but it’s no surprise to me the kind of fruit that comes from such a warped type of soil.  Islam is at its heart an anti-Christ religion.  Christ is good, I think that is quite obvious, so what can we expect from those who hate God’s Son with a passion?

One final thing in closing.  Shepard Smith of Fox News is a radical drama queen.  That guy is truly beyond annoying.  Last night I was reminded why I no longer spend hours in front of Fox News or any news channel for that matter for hours upon hours like I once did.  OH, and if you didn’t catch Geraldo Rivera speaking live to his daughter who was at the stadium, don’t go looking for that for it was some really awful television.  <grin>

On a positive note, Christ will return and all of his children should be cheered by this fact.  These things will someday be ended forever.  It is very likely that “Jihad Johnny” knows Christ better than any of us right now.  Who’s a badass now, Mr. Jihad?  Hey Johnny, say hello to Saddam Hussein’s boys for me, will ya?

This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus. Revelation 14:12


Inside France’s Sharia No-Go Zones

I have a friend whose sister was raped in an elevator. The family wanted to go to the police, but the thugs who raped her sister caught her brother and burned cigarettes on his tongue. They warned him that if he ever talked. they would all be finished. Girls get raped and burned in garbage cans in these places. Ilan Halimi was held captive for weeks in places like these.

There are no rules there, especially not for Jews. A Jew in these areas can take a beating at any time! The police do not go in unless they come with huge backup. If a police car gets lost there, it will get smashed to pieces! They provoke fires, so that the firemen come and get stoned!

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