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Huge Data Center Coming to Grand Rapids

  This afternoon an AT&T technician came by our offices in Kentwood to add some phone lines.  I escorted him into our main data closet and after he was done, we talked for about 15 minutes. He was pretty knowledgeable … Continue reading

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Is There Still Hope for America?

When Americans lose the ability to determine how their property will be utilized, all is lost. When a court determines that you must violate your conscience and surrender your First Amendment rights, you are not a free man or woman … Continue reading

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Seven Roads to Hell

A Screaming Eagle at Bastogne, by Donald R. Burgett I’m about finished with three books of the four book set Marci got me for Christmas, signed by the now 90-year-old author Don Burgett.  Burgett joined the young 101st Airborne Division … Continue reading

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