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Get Naked, Set Off an Earthquake!

Mr. Anam said: “I think they’re a bunch of arrogant tourists who didn’t listen to the mountain guide.  They are too proud of themselves and selfish.  I think they should pay the price for what they did.  No matter whether … Continue reading

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A New Coffeemaker! Wahooo !!!

I’ll write about anything…lightbulbs, coffeemakers.   <grin> The old Mr. Coffee had seen better days and it didn’t have an auto shut-off feature.  I came home from work last week and the pot was still on.  Not good.  I was so … Continue reading

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I Love My New Lightbulbs!

Well, I got my 6 pack of the Green Creative Titanium LED Series BR30-E26-8W-2700K bulbs today.  <grin> I put 4 of them in the kitchen, going from 300 Watts down to 32 Watts and the light looks very much the … Continue reading

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