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Huge Data Center Coming to Grand Rapids

  This afternoon an AT&T technician came by our offices in Kentwood to add some phone lines.  I escorted him into our main data closet and after he was done, we talked for about 15 minutes. He was pretty knowledgeable … Continue reading

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A New Coffeemaker! Wahooo !!!

I’ll write about anything…lightbulbs, coffeemakers.   <grin> The old Mr. Coffee had seen better days and it didn’t have an auto shut-off feature.  I came home from work last week and the pot was still on.  Not good.  I was so … Continue reading

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Is ISIS Mystery Babylon? <LOL>

The way these sick clowns are metastasizing, I wonder if they’re gonna spread all over the globe and cut every infidel’s head off.  No, I don’t really think they’re Mystery Babylon spoken of in the book of Revelation, but perhaps … Continue reading

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Found a great LED light bulb site!

I know…crazy, right? I’ve been on a bit of a crusade, working to replace all of our old-school incandescent flood lamps in the house with dimmable LED lights. I counted and we have about 19 recessed flood lights in our … Continue reading

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Instrument Flight Rules for Cars

  If airplanes can land on a runway in zero visibility why can’t cars have some awesome heads-up-displays to prevent what happened on I-94 yesterday? For years I thought it would be cool to have transmitters embedded along the edge … Continue reading

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